Network Manager 0.7

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A few days ago, Ubuntu snatched an SVN copy of Network Manager 0.7, which has finally, after thousands of years of development, reached maturity.

Ubuntu intends to use this as a base to edit the app slightly to better implement "built-in 3G networking support."

Taken from the 8.10 release notes, (which I edited some myself):

Intrepid Ibex ships Network Manager 0.7, which comes with long-expected features, some of which are:
  • Ability to manage system wide settings (Ex. No need to log in in order to get a connection.)
  • Ability to manage 3G connections (GSM/CDMA.)
  • Ability to manage multiple active devices at once.
  • Ability to manage PPP and PPPOE connections.
  • Ability to manage devices with static IP configurations.
  • Ability to manage routes for devices.
More information can be found on the Network Manager wiki.

So, as you can see Network Manager 0.7 is a huge leap from 0.6.6, which 8.04 currently has. This was part of what I meant as to how Ubuntu's default applications' major version releases fit nicely into Intrepid's release schedule.

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  1. Could you please explain a bit more how to configure most common MNO 3G cards (where do you put your APN?) like Vodafone or 3 in UK