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BulletProofX, the failsafe login session mode which you should use when you, for some reason, can't log in normally, is causing problems more than it's rescuing computers. It was implemented in Ubuntu 7.10 as a back-up for when your graphic card and X.Org got screwed up and nothing would work; but now, without proper support for Xrandr, Ubuntu's thinking of dropping it. As "Bryce" says (from the proposal link):

Pending that, I'm wondering if we should just switch off bulletproof-x mode for now? The 'xfix' option (which essentially just does a "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg") will cover the case of an invalid xorg.conf; Jockey and Envy-NG are covering the proprietary module installation/configuration better; other BPX use cases are largely obsolete with current "config-less"

I'm pretty much convinced they should drop BulletProofX. Besides, it frees more space on the ISO for other thing we need right? Like "Bryce" said, Jockey and EnvyNG
are actually getting better at managing drivers.

UPDATE: Looks like it's going to live after all. I can't get technical, since I don't know fully about BulletProofX, but be certain to check here., then here. (The second link is a follow-up of the first link by the same author.)

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  1. Yes, I hate BulletProofX:-) Just made problems for me!