Quit Menu Redesign

Ubuntu Blueprint

GNOME has finally redesigned their Quit... menu. You can see from the screenshot that now, it looks very similar to Mac OS Leopard's. Nevertheless, copying Leopard is better than copying XP. One step away from Windows is one further step away from sudden failures.

But back on topic. I have got to say, this looks beautiful. The Quit... menu now looks like a plain window that functions like everything other application and better integrates with.....well, everything. Perhaps maybe soon, they'd switch that gksudo that dims your whole screen and you can't do anything else but type in your password or press "Cancel" with the new PolicyKit's "Unlock." button.

There is a bug though, if you click Shut Down, you get taken to your login menu, and you have to shutdown from there. "Investigation of this issue is ongoing" and it's on the list of bugs to be fixed for Alpha 5.

Another neat thing I've been informed of is when you try to shut down, log off, etc. with (an) application(s) open, a notification will pop up stating you must close all applications first. I have no opinion over this. And no screenshot.

UPDATE: A very nice user, Swatinem, has given me a picture of the comparisons between Hardy and Intrepid of the "quit menu redesign." Here it is: (Thanks, Swatinem!)

UPDATE 2: It seems with the latest version of GNOME, this was updated again. Users complained that, in the previous menu, hover-over will bring up a help sentence of each option, but in the new menu, no help was available for any of the options. Not to worry. It has been re-layouted, better mimicking an actual window and having a Help button at the bottom-left of it just like every other application!


  1. I really don't know why everybody is loving this thing. For me it's the single most annoying thing when switching from hardy to intrepid.
    In hardy I have one single panel button that opens a nice good looking dialog that has everything that I want. Wether I want to switch users, or go to sleep, or shut down the machine. It's only 2 clicks away.
    In Intrepid I have 3 different panel applets and 3 different System-menu entries and 2 different dialogs coming up, that are definitely not good-looking!
    So I come up with 2 problems:
    1. I'm confused what dialog I should use for the action I want to do. "where is sleep?" or "where is switch user?"
    2. I don't want to stuff my panel full with 3 different buttons so for 2 of them, I need to navigate through the system-menu which involves a lot more clicking and mouse-movement, so it is obviously less usable.

    So please: Bring back the unified switch-user, lock-screen, sleep, restart, shutdown menu!

  2. Can you provide a screenshot of the two menus and the three panel applets please? I would very much like to see this in effect, but have been unable to. I would thank you a lot of you did show me detailed screenshots.

  3. Well then, here you go: http://stuff.swatinem.de/QuitMenu.png (I really need to improve my gimp skills, I know...)

  4. It's great, the best comparison picture I've seen. Thanks a lot. :) Just wish the screenshot text wasn't in some language I can't understand. Lol.

  5. I agree with swatinem - i find this change very bad, all in the same dialog-window is better...

  6. This change is really awful, especially for single user traveling laptops, who owners frequently use hibernate / shutdown, but NEVER use logout.

    I can't even find a way to config my laptop's power button to show the shutdown menu..

    anyone know a way of getting it back?