Adobe Flash 10

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Ubuntu has upgraded its
flashplugin-nonfree package in its Multiverse repository to Adobe Flash 10.

Flash 10 is a significant release for the Linux community, which suffers heavily from not being able to view Flash files to having to deal with tremendously annoying bugs. The Ubuntu team thought they would do something about that, and upgrade to the (even though beta) 10th release of Adobe Flash.

However, with Intrepid's feature freeze taken into being yesterday, it is a bit saddening; because there is a giant bug in Flash 10 beta 2 (which is in Intrepid's repo) that makes Firefox crash when playing Flash files. Flash 10 RC addresses this issue, but there are no signs of updating for Ubuntu. You can try filing a bug [needs-packaging] but you must provide a really good reason for the developers to upgrade that package. Apparently, there is a good reason, and somebody should report that on Launchpad. (Not me, I'm too lazy.) :P

Wow. A great time has passed, and a significant move in Linux Flash support has come and gone. Flash 10 is out, and I can't believe I have heard nothing about it--that is, until I received a note from intrepid-changes that, Flash 10 final got into Intrepid! I quickly went over to the download page of Adobe, and sure enough, they have replaced Flash 9, and has its own official DEBs for Ubuntu! Well this fixes the above mentioned bug, and, wow, just wow, this is so great!

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  1. It will probably be updated, but there are still some hurdles to take:

  2. Doesn't matter, I bet most people will upgrade to Flash 10 with the help of a third-party DEB. So what Ubuntu should do is, if people are going to upgrade with or without them anyway, why don't they just upgrade it so we'd love them and credit them for what they're not worth? :D